Organising in digital space: From decentralisation to distribution.
This event is an informal discussion space, drawing from chatrooms and forums where knowledge is exchanged in non-expert networks, to share ideas and learn together about digital modes of decentralisation. The discussion will focus on possible exits from centralised online platforms, governance models enabled by peer-to-peer networks, and blockchain technology. Attendees will be invited to consider: What does decentralisation mean to you? How can we apply this to the ways in which online space is organised? How well can alternative architectures, such as blockchain, construct the kind of space needed for a more inclusive, caring and heterogeneous internet?
This is not about searching for a utopia, but rather about seriously considering how the digital tools we use also use us.
We would like to contribute to a dialogue around what a decentralised/distributed web is and could be. Please come along and share your thoughts, listen in, lurk in the background, and help us develop each other’s understanding further.